domingo, julio 30, 2006
Several days at morning I woke up watching movies about blonde girls that became happy, after many adventures. And I´m there in my bed with a sadness living in my room. But after those stupid movies, a joy burst in my thoughts. So I figure out something good for the rest of the day. As soon as the hope fill my heart, I would say that every thing seems more pink, just like me.
Maybe I will begin to undertand that there are something so femme fatal inside me, a wild woman, a person with sensuality and class. Even though, my brain is working on investigations, and by the way at the same time I can use make –up, in order of to be more beautiful for the this life, my life.
I guess that it´s nothing wrong of being a person a little bit innocense, because at last, when you are with a lot troubles, you just are taking away the positive energy that maybe make you to feel better.
Finally I promote these kind of movies, since perhaps is the only way of taking the life with optimism and dreams. So be a blode girl, everybody could find that to be pink is just what we need.
posted by Vicente Moran at 5:58 p. m.

At julio 30, 2006 7:16 p. m., Blogger Rocío

Amigo... esta vez me acerco para invitarte a contribuir con un Tanka en favor de la paz, debes ir al blog de Noa y seguir sus instrucciones.

La frase que te dejo para comenzar es "Maldito Dolor".

Te escogí porque se que eres capaz de cambiar el mundo!!!

Te Quiero Mucho...Rocío

PS: la lectura de este post quueda pendiente...el ingles no es mi fuerte, por lo tanto debo hacerlo con traductor en mano.


At agosto 01, 2006 4:06 p. m., Blogger Alma

Mmmm I'm absolutely brunette... I feel wild, crazy, beauty, inocent, strong, powerful, but I'm and always will brunette...

Me, the girl who don't wanna grow up!

the absolute brunette


At agosto 02, 2006 2:32 a. m., Blogger Flip

jajajajaja!! mira... todos tenemos una de esas rubias que tanto nos hacen reir cuando las vemos en las películas..!!!! con su extraña simpleza del día a día........!!!!!!!
Claro que tb aveces tenemos la otra parte..!!!!! lo no top rubio!


At agosto 02, 2006 5:00 a. m., Blogger Noa-

Claymore ya participó.

Gracias por tu colaboración.